Архив (международные)

16-й Конгресс Европейской трансперсональной ассоциации, Крит, Греция, 1 — 5 октября 2014

Дорогие друзья!

Мы приглашаем вас стать участниками 16-го Конгресса Евротас и внести свой вклад в развитие человеческого потенциала. Это событие будет проходить на острове Крит, Греция, 1 — 5 октября 2014.

Мы заинтересованы в многопрофильном глобальном сотрудничестве с трансперсональными темами целостного воспитания личности, воспитания ума, тела, эмоций, духовности, социальных отношений и творчества в образовательном процессе.

Мы приглашаем психологов, психотерапевтов, ученых, философов, педагогов и других специалистов готовить лекции, презентации, рабочие группы и дискуссии.


Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Conference invitation and call for proposals

We cordially invite you to participate in the 16th EUROTAS CONFERENCE in collaboration with the ATP (Association for Transpersonal Psychology) and the ITA (International Transpersonal Association). This event will take place at the Pilot Beach Resort, Georgioupolis on the island of Crete in Greece from 1st to 5th October 2014. The theme for the conference is Metamorphosis: Disinte- gration, Integration, Conscious Living.

At the core of our transpersonal vision lies the idea of metamorphosis, the abil- ity of individuals, cultures, and organizations to transcend the limited sphere of mind associated with the ego, and to live in ways that incorporate a richer and more interconnected consciousness. Metamorphosis teaches us of the progression through disintegration to reintegration, a lesson of immense impor- tance in our day as systems collapse globally. Transpersonal Psychology brings together the profound lessons from mythic and mystical systems of thought with the rigor of psychological science to address these issues. We are interested in a multi-disciplinary global collaboration that explores the best of research, scholarship, education, and practice having a transpersonal orienta- tion. We invite academics, psychotherapists, educationalists, and other special- ists to submit presentations related in the broadest sense to the theme of meta- morphosis. We welcome proposals for all appropriate forms of presentation, including research-based papers, workshops, multi-media events, posters, etc.

Criteria for selection

Those who would wish to present at the conference are asked to reflect on the following:

• How do you think those attending your session would benefit from your presentation?

  • What is it about your topic that is compelling to you, and in what ways is it important to the human species as a whole and the transpersonal perspec- tive?
  • Why would you accept this proposal?
  • Please provide brief notes on these questions to accompany your proposal.
  • The following are the criteria that the conference scientific committee will apply in selecting presentations for inclusion in the conference
  • Theme and topicality. It should be clear how the proposed presentation relates to the conference theme, and that it reflects recent developments in the Transpersonal Field.
  • Originality. Presentations will be expected to bring something new and/or innovative to the conference.
  • • Quality. Depending on the specific approach of the presentation, the proposal will be scrutinized for quality according to the criteria appropriate to the topic. Thus, where scientific research is being presented, the presen- tation should adhere to conventions regarding rigor and objectivity; If the presentation relates to therapeutic practice, the committee would want to know that you have the requisite skills and experience; In areas related to the Arts, indications of standards relating to performance or scholarship will be examined; etc.
  • The call for proposals is open from 15th November 2013. All who submit proposals must register for the conference. You can submit your registra- tion using the online form available at
  • http://www.eurotas2014.com/en/registration/presenters-registration
  • Deadline for submission of proposals is 15th February 2014.
  • With warm greetings,
  • Lindy
  • Lindy McMullin — President
  • & SYNTHESIS Conference Committee